Friday, June 18, 2010


Last night I watched the LA Lakers win the 2010 NBA Championship with a surprising turn around. The previous 6 playoffs games were challenging for both teams and Game 7 could not be different. The first three quarters did not look good for the Lakers as they tried to penetrate the tough Celtics defense. At the fourth quarter, though, the Lakers managed to put the tension aside, relaxed and collectively brought their game together. Coming from 13 points behind, they changed the history of the game and ended up topping the ancient rival with a final 4 points advantage.

Today, the US soccer squad was spinning gears during the first half of the game just to see the Slovenian team score two surprising goals. The second half, however, was a completely different story. The Americans returned with a much fueled energy as well as combative approach and scored three times, but had one of the goals disallowed by a rather questionable referee’s decision, retrieving the 2-0 deficit to attain a draw. The World Cup is not over yet and the result is certainly not what they hoped for, but the Americans still have the chance of advancing to the next phase of the tournament.

The world economy is facing one of the most challenging moments of the modern history as businesses hurt, barely survive or shut their doors. Yet, there are some who find ways to overcome the hurdles and succeed. Make no mistake about that – there are companies today that have been able not only to hold themselves alive but grow. The difference that stands out for these companies is precisely the same the LA Lakers and the US squad have shown us.

Both the Lakers and the USA team had to look into their own strengths to identify what they needed to overcome the struggling circumstances. At that key turning point, they were able to find their unit, and that inspire their comeback. Exciting as it is for their millions of fans, it is not only impressive, it also gives us a very interesting lesson. The economy is pulling the plugs from all businesses in life-support. Sitting and waiting for the business to come back alive on its own will only make things worse. Look inside to identify strengths, get your energy renewed and fight back. May we all learn this outstanding lesson!

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