Friday, May 28, 2010

Why I started a blog?

I am still asking myself this question.  You see, most bloggers have something they want to say, they have a need for spreading their message or defending their points.  I too have many points I would like to defend and messages I want to disseminate.  But that was not the reason why I decided to start a blog.

At first, I was reluctant on starting something that would require a lot of efforts and dedicated time to keep such endeavor up and running.  And those close to me know that I hate leaving something behind, outdated or halfway done.  But then, like one of these things in life, yesterday I found myself with this fixed idea of taking up the challenge.

The world is rapidly changing and technology is a huge component of the modern history.  The need to keep yourself updated overwhelmingly forces one to take steps he never thought about.  I remember many years ago early on my career, witnessing a senior partner at the firm I used to work with on the top of his 80s seating on a computer to answer client's e-mails, surf the Internet, search the case law.  With many partners, associates, assistants and paralegal to work for him, this successful, accomplished gentleman shown me a remarkable attitude: there is no age to stop learning.  And he is still active and energetic to this day.

However, none of these are reasons for me to start blogging.  As you can see on the description above, I have not defined the focus of the blog.  My intention is to keep my eyes on business and legal strategies.  After all, I am a corporate attorney with a business mindset, and I can’t go too far from that.  And there are many small and mid size companies in need of good help.  Am I saying that I started this blog to help small and mid size companies?  Well, not necessarily.  I have realized that when you share your ideas and thoughts with someone, you are the one who is mostly benefited.  So, I guess the blog has the primary goal of helping myself.

There you have it.  I have started this blog to help you and me.  I am not going to blog everyday, but I promise to keep it up with many interesting things.  I hope you enjoy!